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Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan: showing us the corrupt nature of power

May 25, 2011

This short little video of Paul Ryan and Bill Clinton agreeing on the need to cut medicare shows us in a very direct way the corrupt nature of today’s ruling power.  It fits exactly with my point from yesterday: we’re up against a fully bi-partisan attack.

Paul Ryan is one of the most radically right wing republicans in US history.  He seeks to essentially eliminate medicare while slashing taxes for the wealthy.  Bill Clinton of course was former democratic President of the United States who to this day has a completely undeserved reputation for somehow being a progressive.  The Obama administration is little more than a continuation of his regime.

Watch this revolting conversation between fellow compatriots and wonder what the word democracy means.  Whose interests rule?

Watch the video again and notice the Roman architecture.  Are these not two optimates conspiring against the dangerous populares that dare represent the plebes?  The spirit of Rome lives to this day and can be found in every gold and marble palace in the world.

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