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Marching toward WW3

August 2, 2017

This is pure craziness! The US / NATO expands into former Soviet Republics, refuses to admit Russia into NATO, has its sights on Ukraine and Georgia, and now stands ready, with the bellicose support of the NY Times, to march us right into WW3.

Sanity demands immediate de-escalation. Why can’t Russia become part of NATO? Why can’t all NATO countries then move toward substantial disarmament? Why, then, have NATO at all?

It’s so Orwellian. The system requires the perpetual enemy. What would it do without the ‘evils’ of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea?

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  1. David Chester permalink

    Russia cannot join NATO for the obvious reason that NATO is a collection of countries opposing domination by Eastern powers including Russia.

    • Your reasoning is circular. If Russia became part of NATO, which it had in the past requested, and NATO countries substantially and verifiably disarmed, there would be no threat of domination by Eastern powers.

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