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Obama’s acceptance speech

September 6, 2012

Wasn’t it quite sneaky the way Barack Obama came out in support of the Bowles Simpson agenda tonight?  I wonder what the odds of his re-election would be if, instead of a one sentence oblique reference to his commission, he honestly stood in front of his adoring throng and firmly and truthfully explained that:

1)      I will require a 60 vote majority prior to any emergency domestic spending.

2)      I will cut the federal workforce by 200,000.

3)      I will cut interest subsidies on student loans, increase user fees in national parks, and close some post offices.

4)      I will cut social security benefits for all but the lowest tier of workers, increase the retirement age and detrimentally change the cost of living formula.  By 2070, I will have slashed top quintile social security incomes from the scheduled $34,092 to $24,624.

5)       I will repeal the CLASS Act, the long term care insurance program under Medicare.  I will increase Medicare deductibles and co-pays and require seniors to pay up to $7,500 per year in total costs.  I will terminate the ability of seniors to self insure under Medigap.

6)      I will reduce both income and corporate tax rates with the top rate not to exceed 29%.

7)      I will increase the regressive gas tax by 15 cents per gallon.

8)      Perhaps I will increase the Medicare eligibility age to 67.

All of these, except the last, are in the Bowles Simpson document.  Obama’s already offered to increase the Medicare age.

Romney, Ryan, and the Republicans would be thrilled to achieve the policy outcomes that Obama underhandedly supported tonight and we need therefore go no further in order to come to the very sad realization that this whole affair is utterly meaningless.

Watching Obama I must admit to being puzzled by the contrast between his actual plan and his apparently sincere persona.  I needed to force myself, in a sense against human nature itself, to accept that he, along with the entire American electoral system, is a complete fraud.  Such is the theatrical sophistication of our political industry.

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  1. Vincent permalink

    And, did you notice how the crowd cheered when he said, ” I will responsibly cut the deficit.” They know not what he means. Sheep to the slaughter. Only a Democrat is going to be able to accomplish the Republican plan to reduce the standard of living of the middle class.

  2. Sheep to the slaughter is so right. What a con game – the republicans, democrats, and media dance so perfectly together in service to the higher powers. It’s an art form. The adoring crowd cheers and then happily returns to the plantation to serve another day, secure in the knowledge that their leaders love God, have beautiful wives and children, and truly love their country.

  3. Here’s a truly excellent debate on Democracy Now between a silver tongued supporter of Obama and a left wing critic Glen Ford, editor of Black Agenda Report. Ford gives an incredibly articulate damnation of Obama’s policies and I think he clearly makes the better argument.

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