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The presidential contest

August 13, 2012

I continue to feel numb about the upcoming election in the US.  Will anything of import really take place in November?  Will it make a difference to the War Machine?  To US policy in the Middle East?  To Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid?  To the never ending cycle of declining living standards?  To global temperatures?

Both the Democrats and Republicans have engaged in an unceasing war against their population since at least the late 1970’s and the result is the society we now have – inequality rivaling the feudal ages, insecurity, never ending war, an expanding police state, and the growing likelihood of a climate catastrophe.

Four years ago I naively thought Obama represented a potential stand against at least some of these trends but I’ve been proven wrong.  For what do he and his party stand?  He’s aggressively attacking Romney and Ryan for their truly barbaric world views, but come on!  We’re to think of Obama as some brave warrior fighting for the common man?  He has a record.  He’s the one who offered to raise the Medicare age and slash social security.  He’s the one who appointed Bowles-Simpson, he’s the one who presided over four years of failed / vacant economic policies, he’s the one who filled the White House with Wall Street hacks, and he’s the one who continued almost all of Bush’s war policies.

The reality seems inescapable.  November will mean little for the majority.  The duopoly parties, both owned by money, will inevitably “compromise” in December or shortly thereafter.  Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will be cut.  Nothing important will be done to provide a sound economy.  Wages will continue to decline.  The War Machine will continue its imperial project in the Middle East and will further institutionalize its “pivot” to Asia (i.e. getting ready for war with China).

The important contest isn’t the election in November.  It’s the historical one between the System and the world population that’s slowly being played out in every country on our planet.

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