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Jared Polis turns the screws just a bit tighter

May 7, 2012

It’s an election year, so let’s turn a quick gaze at my very own representative, Democratic congressman Jared Polis.  Back in August, 2010, I reported that Polis favored attacking working Americans by cutting their social security, which we must always keep in mind averages a paltry $1,169 per month, one of the worst retirement systems in the developed world.  Polis objected in the comment section of the post that I was premature in criticizing him:

   You are welcome to criticize my position, IF:
1)There is a commission report that supports cuts to social security
2) I support the reports recommendations.

Neither condition is yet met, your comments are premature.

Well, the commission has done its dirty work and the entire Democratic Party establishment from Obama on down is gearing up to implement the assault.  The Bowles-Simpson agenda demands $4 trillion in federal spending cuts through 2020, limits future federal spending to 21% of GDP, sharply reduces social security benefits, cuts medicare, and regressively increases gas taxes, all while actually reducing individual and corporate tax rates.

And guess what?  Polis just recently voted in favor of a House amendment based on Bowles Simpson.  Make no mistake, at a time of record low tax rates, Mr. Polis is supporting an agenda that attacks working people in his district while at the same time lowers the rates even further.

As homelessness increases in Boulder, as huge numbers of Americans can’t find work, and as inequalities of wealth and income are at feudal heights, Jared Polis steps up to the plate and votes to turn the screws just a bit tighter.

I assume you’ll now agree, Mr. Polis, that my criticisms are no longer premature.

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  1. The Simpson Bowles budget helps ensure the integrity of social security and medicare for the next 50 years. It includes the revenue from the expiration on the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and eliminates tax loopholes for corporations. While I would be happy to support a bill to eliminate tax loopholes for corporations on its own, I am thrilled with the opportunity to prevent the privatization of social security and Medicare and ensure their continuation for the next generation.

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