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Adam Davidson, witch doctor

November 10, 2011

I feel like picking on Adam Davidson one more time.  Those who speak the language of “economics” see themselves as medical doctors of society as we can see from this great pearl from “Dr.” Davidson: “an economy is truly healthy only when its people know how to make and do things that others will pay them a decent amount for.”

What a disgusting, sick, and inhuman view!  Only a witch doctor, a quack, a practitioner of some evil black magic could think this way!  Plain common sense tells us a society is truly healthy only when everyone is properly fed, clothed, healthy and reasonably happy.  When everyone has good health care and no one is begging on the streets.  When we’re using our technology for the benefit of the whole.  And so on.

Dr. Davidson needs to lose his medical license and find a totally new profession.

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