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Obama’s job speech

September 8, 2011

Quick reaction to Obama’s job speech.

First thing is where has he been for the past couple years?  We need a job bill now? Didn’t we need one a couple years ago?  This is nothing but phony posturing.  Getting beyond the rhetoric, this is the most right wing speech by a democrat since before the Depression.  His call for cuts in medicare and medicaid is something no democratic president has done.  And at a time of historically low tax rates.  He claims the USA is great but then proposes cuts in healthcare for both the poor and our current and future grandparents.  An utter outrage to any sense of morality!  And I noticed that virtually all democrats gave him a standing ovation for this.  Is there any clearer demonstration of what we’re up against?

I strongly object to his fundamental underlying premise that our future is one of unending competition and is necessarily in private hands.  To anyone who seeks a peaceful, prosperous, and socially just world, it’s a revolting view perfectly compatible with the likes of  Thomas Friedman.

Obama is a complete phony who has misled his supporters since his election. My guess is many will support this fake rhetoric as somehow progressive.  How sad it is that the only choice this country has is between him and a republican.  I will certainly vote for neither.

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  1. Tom Hickey permalink

    No added deficit > spending > no increase in nongovernment net financial assets > no boost to effective demand, therefore, no impact on investment (hiring), no impact on deflationary trend, and no impact on growth of the economy to absorb growing population of unemployed and underemployed.


  2. Andrew permalink

    Competition aside, the notion that everyone needs to be working in order to produce the goods/services that people desire simply fails to acknowledge that we have become incredibly productive. If we don’t gain a better life, which might well include more leisure time, through productivity gains, what’s the point?

  3. “If we don’t gain a better life, which might well include more leisure time, through productivity gains, what’s the point?”

    The most fundamental of questions: what is the point?

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