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Hey! The Gang of 6 isn’t the only gang in town!

July 20, 2011

Gang: A Gang is a group of people (that), through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity. In current usage it typically denotes a criminal organization or else a criminal affiliation.

The Gang of 6 has achieved a great deal of attention of late in the US but isn’t it a bit unfair to the many other important gangs that fully share in the same fundamental identity?  Here’s a listing of some of these gangs, with members from 1 to 10, that fully warrant our acknowledgment.

The Gang of 1: Perhaps there’s no such thing as a Gang of 1, but I think we should still single out two very special unitary “gangs”.  The US military which is funded to levels greater than the rest of the world combined and is almost always at war with some third world country or two should be mentioned.  And also the top 1% of the US population which, through all forms of criminal and immoral endeavors, has captured an exceptionally impressive 42% of total financial wealth.

The Gang of 2: How about the CIA and MI6, the two most significant spy agencies in the world, each excelling in the technology of global murder, assassination, and overthrows of elected governments.  Another Gang of 2 would be the two key Bretton Woods organizations, the IMF and World Bank, both specializing in forcing austerity and depression on populations in dedicated service to bond holders throughout the world.

The Gang of 3: How about the three branches of the US government that, as a gang, has always been able to hold populist movements at bay, exactly as the Founding Fathers had hoped.

The Gang of 4: The Big 4 accounting firms are fully worthy of this list, having certified as true all the financial statements of the now defunct banks.  This gang has also been instrumental in developing virtually all of the advanced tax evasion technologies in use today.

The Gang of 5: The supermajor oil companies.

The Gang of 6: They’re the ones stealing the show.  But let’s not forget the Executive Board of the European Central Bank.  Has there ever been a gang so dedicated to the maintenance of the Aristocracy?

The Gang of 7: The Federal Reserve Board, that monetary gang duly fenced off from democratic pressure that’s so consistently served the interests of rentiers while assuring that workers are kept in their proper place.

The Gang of 8: The top investment banks that account for 75% of the market.  And so finely dressed as well!

The Gang of 9: The US Supreme Court, that gang of respectably robed men and women that so ably twist an already right-wing constitution into a truly radical document.  And, of course, it gave us the presidency of George W. Bush.

The Gang of 10: The top 10% of the population that hoards a whopping 83% of financial wealth.

So, while the Gang of 6 is fully deserving of oligarchic credit, let’s not forget the other gangs that roam our world!

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