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We need a democratic party!

April 1, 2011

It’s truly amazing how far the Republicans are pushing.  We have governors refusing unemployment aid from the federal government, prominent Republicans are openly calling for severe cuts in social security, medicare, and medicaid, a recent Republican report favors steps to reduce wages in both the public and private sectors, and it goes on from there.  Their agenda, pulled from the darkest days of the 19th century, cannot possibly command majority support.  Or so one would think.

That Republicans remain electorally competitive can only be attributed to the connivance of the world’s second most right wing party, the Democrats.  Obama is missing in action and is rightly seen to be in lock step with Wall Street and corporate America.  My home state Colorado Democratic senators – Michael Bennett and Mark Udall – are on record favoring the recommendations of the outrageously regressive, Obama instigated Bowles Simpson report which:

1) Slashes discretionary spending;

2) Increases the regressive gas tax by 15 cents per gallon;

3) “Substantially” lowers marginal income tax rates;

4) Lowers corporate tax rates and eliminates tax on foreign operations;

5) Slashes medicare benefits;

6) Eliminates low interest college loan support; and

7) Reduces social security benefits.

The pendulum must be approaching its rightward limit.  There are a number of hopeful signs and I came across one today while talking to my consistently republican brother.  He at first told me he thinks Obama and the democrats are doing nothing for the economy, to which I of course agreed.  He said he’s increasingly taken aback by the rising calls for cuts in social security and that is his most important issue.  Illustrating vast confusion, he said he likes Donald Trump (!) but even more so is beginning to like Dennis Kucinich!  The key point to which we both agreed is that neither party is representing the bottom 80%.

The country is oh so ripe for a democratic (small d) party.

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  1. We need a true progressive in office, instead of these damn conservadems. At least here in Colorado, our policies are somewhat progressive.

  2. Colorado certainly has some progressive elements along with a few highly regressive. But I see no sign of progressive impulses from our 2 senators. Or from our faux progressive from Boulder, Jared Polis.

  3. Tom Hickey permalink

    Ravi Batra’s The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos (2007) seems right on target. It’s a follow up to his 1978 book, The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism. Check one off.

  4. Thanks Tom, I see it’s available at my local library – I’ll have to check it out. The reviews look quite interesting.

    • Tom Hickey permalink

      Batra doesn’t understand the monetary system correctly from the MMT vantage, but his economic argument doesn’t rely on that. Anyway, his case has more to do with social and political cycles, which he picked up from his mentor, P. R. Sarkar. See Law of Social Cycle aka Social Cycle Theory.

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