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Obama backs Suleiman in Egypt

February 5, 2011

Barack Obama, if anything, is consistent.  Although elected with the mantra “change you can believe in”, he’s created a government consisting of the most establishment figures imaginable.  Other than a rise in the unemployment rate, there’s been little real change.

So it’s not at all surprising to see Obama now coming out strongly in favor of General Omar Suleiman as an answer to the Egyptian crowd’s demand for democratic change.  Suleiman has run Egypt’s General Intelligence Service since 1993 and is the top figure in the Mubarak dictatorship.  He’s the most establishment figure imaginable.  That he’s someone to be trusted as a force for democratic change is absurd.

So, once again, Obama is backing no change.  He seeks to maintain the status quo in every area he can touch, be it domestic economic affairs, US civil rights, or US hegemony.

Time will tell whether he’s successful in his attempt to retard real change in Egypt.  But isn’t there something particularly upsetting about those who wear the mask of change while working to undermine it?

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