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SOTU – Initial Reactions

January 25, 2011

It’s not even over yet but I can’t help but write initial impressions.  A horrible, horrible vision for our country.  95% of the speech could have been given by Reagan.  Obama’s dropped his progressive cloak and is showing the ugly reality of the complete domination of business thinking over our political discourse.  An insulting speech to anyone who seeks a better world.   Completely uninspired – a vision concocted in the board rooms of Chase, Citigroup, and GE.

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  1. Tom Hickey permalink

    Written by Bill Daley?

  2. Could be almost anybody in the administration, they all have the same view. I admit to being ridiculously naive, but I had high hopes for Obama when I voted for him.

    In many ways, he’s worse than a republican in the same way that an undercover agent is often worse than a soldier. He does great damage to the progressive cause.

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