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Obama’s a disaster

August 5, 2010

Just thought I’d randomly list a few reasons why I think Obama’s a disaster for the majority of Americans.  Will the progressive cause be better served if we no longer voted for ‘moderate’ democrats?  Short term, probably not since it would lead to more republicans.  But over the medium and long term, I think it’s the only way change is going to happen.  Settling for Obamas (or worse) only neuters the progressive cause.  Here’s my list.

Summers, Geitner, etc. – the Wall Street view.

Biden.  Just a long winded politician with deep ties to the banking industry.

Deficit commission and the upcoming cuts to social security.

Health insurance reform not starting until 2014.

Health insurance reform a gift to the industry.

Expansion of Afghanistan war.

Failure to materially change US geo-political strategies – inevitably leading to rising tensions throughout the world.

Expanding domestic surveillance.

Lack of a program to eliminate unemployment.

Supreme court appointee Kagan – actually moving the court to the right.

He’s neutered what was a rising movement on the left.

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  1. Calgacus permalink

    Perhaps the worst is his precedent for seizing dictatorial power. He hypocritically criticized Bush for less. When Bush ignored habeas corpus, saying he had the power to jail American citizens indefinitely, candidate Obama said if the President can do that, what can’t he do?
    President Obama went one better, saying he has the right to order Americans to be murdered in cold blood – Anwar Al-Awliki et al. There is absolutely nothing left of the Constitution or any law then. Only the Führerprinzip is left. There is the beginnings of a forlorn attempt to thwart it through the civil courts, but especially if Obama’s crime succeeds, it belongs in the criminal courts. And nobody forced this monstrous, degenerate doctrine and deed on him.

    He is like one of the worst Roman emperors; I’m forgetting my Gibbon or I’d remember which one, who he criticizes as being simultaneously weak-willed in general but filled with depraved fanaticism when it came to purposeless crimes.

  2. Totally agree. He’s a multi dimensional disaster. But I / we need to guard against personalizing it too much. We lose the systemic nature of the problem when we focus on personalities. The rulers of our society (and the lines between republican and democrat are virtually meaningless) seek to consolidate power and it seems near impossible to visualize a politician who did not share their basic world view rising to the national stage.

  3. My son, who will be 21 in 2 months, waited for 2 hours to vote for Obama. It was the first time that he was voting as he was only 19 in 2008. I was so happy to see him and his friends patiently wait in the endless line snaking through a huge church here in Virginia. It seemed that finally, change was inevitable. I don’t think he will bother to even go to the polls in 2 years. He is as disgusted with Obama as I am.

    At least I was brave enough to vote for Nader after that liar in chief voted for amnesty for corporations that were and are illegally spying on you, me, and our children. Once he did that, I knew that nothing he says can be trusted.

    • I voted for Nadar in 2000 but, sad to say, Kerry and Obama in the last 2. I can’t see myself ever again voting for a mainstream democratic candidate. I think we’re all getting a real education on the nature of our system.

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